Who does solar panels near me?

Apex Solar Power, LLC Link opens in a new window - close a new window to return to this page. Find out if your home is ready for solar energy and compare offers from a list of local, trusted installers online. Solar panels power your home when they can, but your home uses the utility company for energy at other times. During the day, your solar system is likely to produce much more energy than your home actually consumes.

Gold status is earned when solar installers earn NYSERDA quality solar installer designation for three consecutive years. The data on this page comes from real quotes of solar energy to real buyers of solar energy in the EnergySage Marketplace. NY-Sun brings together and expands existing programs managed by NYSERDA, the Long Island Energy Authority (LIPA), PSEG Long Island and the New York Energy Authority (NYPA), to ensure a well-supported and coordinated solar expansion plan and a transition to a sustainable, self-sustaining solar industry. Everyone can take advantage of the federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which will allow you to claim 30% of the cost of your solar project when you file your tax return, reducing the amount of tax you owe that year.

NY-Sun, a dynamic public-private partnership, will drive growth in the solar industry and make solar technology more affordable for all New Yorkers. The solar installation needs to power your home not only during the day, but also during the night, so a lot of solar panels and a large battery system are required. In addition, because New York has one of the highest electricity rates in the country, homeowners can save a lot on their energy bills with solar panels. If you want to see all of the above, but also see live prices, the three best solar deals available in your city, and get binding quotes from each of these solar companies, use this New York solar panel calculator.

Enter your details to calculate the cost and savings you're likely to realize when installing solar panels for your home. NYSERDA's Quality Solar Installer designation is based only on projects inspected in the field during the previous calendar year and Gold Status is based on the prior three year Quality Solar Installer designation. The solar tax credit equals 30% of total solar installation costs, which could generate thousands of dollars for homeowners who can deduct from their income taxes. The Megawatt Block Program provides homeowners with upfront incentives to install solar panels, depending on the size of their solar system.

The most important incentive for installing solar panels in homes and businesses is the federal solar tax credit. The charge amount is based on the size of the solar panel system and the utility company's CBC charging rate.

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