Are home solar panels worth it reddit?

Be careful to work with incomplete companies, of which there are many in solar energy. Get multiple quotes and make sure you get the price to install the system, not a little if you finance it and subtract the cost of the energy you're producing, etc. If the company goes out of business in less than 25 years, chances are you won't get any of those guarantees anymore. That said, solar panels can be a big investment if you plan to be in your home for at least 10 years or so and you have good sun.

Over time, solar panels will pay for themselves, but the money you spend will probably do better in the market. If you're not an investor, then buy the panels, it's better than having the money in a savings account or spending it on something else. By the way, solar panels protect your roof so that you gain a side benefit. I suggest you start with a new roof, then it should last as long as the PV system in the area near the panels.

We have panels with built-in inverters and can add them gradually when we get a BEV instead of changing the inverter. If you look at the risk-adjusted return of investing in an index fund versus solar panels, solar panels will look better than if you look at the gross rate of return. I've heard several times that solar panels can help save money in the long run for a home. Even if solar energy doesn't add value, you're likely to stay in your home for 10 years and it's worth it if you stay longer.

Solar energy was an absolute no-brainer for me, since the solar loan payment is lower than my monthly electricity bill and my panels will cover 100% of my energy consumption. My solar panels had two loans, one that was the main loan attached to my energy bill, and the other that was a bridging loan to cover the amount of the tax refund I would receive, and which had an absurd penalty APR if I didn't repay it on time. Some people can get solar energy at zero cost due to credits or leasing the panel system, while windows can be much more efficient, but they rarely offer credits. Another problem with solar energy is that, if you sell the house, the buyer has to take care of the payments, which makes their home less attractive.

On panel day (after the rails are in place), you mount the inverters on the rails, the panels on the rails, connect the large cable (one connector per panel), and connect the kill switch.

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